Purchasing FAQ

Q :  How does Gazelle Point-of-Sale pricing works?
A :  Gazelle Cloud is licensed on a monthly subscription basis. There is no contract attached and you can cancel your subscription anytime. Gazelle Desktop is licensed on a one-time payment basis.
Q :  Can I upgrade from one version to another in the future, say from Plus to Pro?
A :  Yes, you would just need to pay the price difference between the two versions.
Q :  I'm interested but I have a store running. How do I migrate my data to Gazelle Point-of-Sale quickly?
A :  Gazelle has comprehensive Mass Import functions, which is very useful if you are migrating data from an existing system to Gazelle. Please check our Mass Import page to see the available import functions..
Q :  How do I get help and support for Gazelle Point-of-Sale?
A :  If you are having problems on using the software, please post a question in the public forum or submit a ticket at our support platform http://support.phostersoft.com/
Q :  Can I migrate from Gazelle Desktop to Gazelle Cloud?
A :  Yes you can and we will assist you throughout the migration process. Please submit a ticket to request for the migration.
Q :  Can I get a refund for my purchase?
A :  No, you can't get refund for payments that have been made. However for Gazelle Cloud subscribers, you are free to cancel your subscription anytime you decide not to use the software anymore.
Q :  Do you provide custom development service on Gazelle Point-of-Sale?
A :  Generally no, but if you're very interested please let us know.
Q :  What is your privacy policy regarding my personal information that I gave during a purchase?
A :  We will only use your information to inform you on important updates regarding our products. We will never share it with third parties.


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