Point-of-Sale Features

Gazelle Point-of-Sale screen is designed to be fast and efficient. Its large buttons are friendly for touch screens, and Gazelle is compatible with most available barcode scanners. For frequently sold items, assign them to be one of the colorful Quick Keys. You certainly don't want to keep your customers queuing.

Splitting Payment

Gazelle supports splitting payment with different payment methods. For instance, you can allow your customers to pay, part by voucher and the rest by credit card.

Great Looking Receipts

We've designed Gazelle's receipts to be sharp looking and concise. You have the option to personalize the receipts by putting your company's logo on top. For the environmentally conscious, Gazelle allows you to e-mail the receipts instead of printing them.

Transaction Summary

Get a quick glimpse of a day's transactions through Gazelle's convenient Transaction screen. You can also make refunds, exchanges or replacements easily through this screen.

Partial Sale

Gazelle supports partial sales, layaway sales, partial payments and even multiple completions. We also track correspondences you've made with your customers regarding their partial sales.

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