Staff Features

When the number of staffs in your store grows, it becomes necessary to manage them properly. Gazelle Point-of-Sale includes staff management features within its Point-of-Sale environment, allowing your staffs to have everything within one common place. Each staff is given a username and password and Gazelle ties actions to corresponding staffs for future reference.

Staff Attendance

When a staff is using the system, he/she can easily mark his/her attendance time by using the Clock In/Clock Out menu. Gazelle tracks all these records and your managers can then study patterns such as punctuality and over-times.

Staff Leave

Staffs can apply for leaves within Gazelle. When a leave has just been created, it will be put into pending state. Managers can then approve or reject it. All this happening inside the POS itself.

Staff Transaction Record

The staff transaction record displays all the sales made by a staff. See which staffs have contributed well to your business and you can reward them accordingly.

Access Control

Gazelle features a comprehensive access control system to determine what can be done by different staffs. For instance, you can forbid front-line staffs from looking at your financial reports. You can even set a complex criteria such as forbidding trainee staffs from creating a sale above certain threshold amount.

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