Inventory Features

Gazelle Point-of-Sale's inventory management system is catered to handle huge number of items in your store. The Inventory screen has a Google-like search box on top which allows you to quickly locate any item that you have. Gazelle supports managing stock, non-stock and service items.

Item Options

Each item in Gazelle is highly configurable. You can categorize your items in a hierarchical class system, assign brand and suppliers to it. If you have multiple branches, you can set different selling prices to different branches as well.

Item Variations

You can easily group variations of an item, for example a shirt of different colors and sizes. Gazelle supports tracking stock quantity of each individual variation. You can further assign different selling price and different image to each individual variation.

Stock Flow

Observe how the stock of an item moves in and out of your store through the Stock Flow screen. This will ensure that stock loss or anomalies, in each of your branch, can be quickly identified and analyzed.

Track Low Stock

Its a loss when your stock can't fulfill a sale. Gazelle's low stock report ensures that you restock items early and maintain healthy stock level to meet your customers' demands.

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