Customer Features

In any business, customers are the most important asset. Gazelle Point-of-Sale features a comprehensive customer management system to ensure that you don't lose touch with your customers. You can search for a customer by first name, e-mail address or other fields easily. You can also set a customer to be non-taxable if he/she is located overseas.


You can assign customers to different groups. This allows you to differentiate your customers, for example in a membership system. You can then create seasonal discounts that apply only to a specific customer group i.e Gold members.

Customer Record

Keep track of the record of purchases made by your customers. You can take a glance at it on their visits and make sure you treat your loyal customers well.


Its not sufficient for a business to only track its customers, you will need to engage them frequently. Gazelle's Mailer allows you to send batch e-mails or SMS to all your customers. Inform them your latest discounts and make them visit your store again.

Customer Account

Gazelle allows any customer to maintain a balance in your store and use that to pay for his/her future purchases. You can let the account balance to be negative if you allow that customer to keep a credit line with your store.

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