Cloud Advantage

Features listed on this page are applicable only to Gazelle Cloud

Ready for Use Instantly

Getting a Point-of-Sale software used to be a tedious process. You have to download large files, configure your system according to some requirements and wait while the POS software is installing itself. Those experiences belong to the past. With Gazelle Cloud you simply fill the sign-up form and your Point-of-Sale is ready instantly.

Available Anywhere Anytime

Gazelle Cloud lives in the Cloud just like your Gmail and Facebook account. You can access your business anywhere anytime 24/7 through the Internet. Furthermore, our skilled engineers are maintaining your POS behind the scene so you can focus more on your business rather than the technologies supporting it.

Easy Multiple Branch Setup

Previously setting up an integrated multiple-branch and multiple-terminal Point-of-Sale is costly. You have to hire experts to plan everything out properly. With Gazelle Cloud, setting a new branch or terminal is just a few mouse clicks away.

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