Gazelle iPad

This add-on is applicable only to Gazelle Cloud

Gazelle iPad

Gazelle iPad is a value-added feature of Gazelle Cloud that allows you to perform Point-of-Sale operations on your iPad. Gazelle iPad is a fully native iOS application providing the best user experience possible on an iPad. Additionally it supports offline capability, enabling you to run your business even when there is no Internet connection (i.e. inside exhibitions, events or when you are overseas).

Installing and Using Gazelle iPad

  1. Download and install the App from the Apple App Store from this link
    (Or search using the keyword "gazelle pos" in the Apple App Store)
  2. Run Gazelle POS on your iPad
  3. On the first run, select Existing User
  4. Enter the e-mail address that you used to register for Gazelle Cloud
  5. That's it, your Gazelle iPad App is now linked to your Gazelle Cloud account


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